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Insured Leaning & Tipping Wall Repairs

The foundation and basement walls in your home or commercial property are under constant pressure from soil. Soils will expand and contract from time to time, making your walls susceptible to bowing, buckling, leaning, tipping or bulging.

If you find that your structure has a leaning wall in the basement, the problem is one that most likely got started months or years prior. The smart thing to do would be to proactively reach professional foundation contractor for immediate assistance. The quicker you get this issue handled, the less costly it will be in the long run.

Our licensed & insured foundation contractors in New Orleans, LA and surrounding suburbs specialize in repairing your leaning walls at affordable rates. We offer plenty of options and proven methods to stabilize your foundation for many years to come (with warranties in place to ensure your long-term satisfaction).

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Warning signs of a bowing wall

A foundation wall under pressure slowly leans in time and isn’t noticeable until it’s obvious to the naked eye. You’ll know you have a bowing wall if you encounter any of the following circumstances in your basement or crawl space:
- Wall leaning at the top
- Horizontal or stair step cracking
- Inward bowing and buckling
- Walls sliding in at the bottom

Repair services for faulty foundations

Stabilizing a foundation halts inward or outward leaning and restores the strength of the walls. We use the following modern methods to repair basement walls:
- Steel braces
- Carbon fiber
- Foundation anchors

Causes of buckling walls

Ever wonder what has caused your foundation to lean in or out? The following factors can cause bowing and buckling:
- Heavy, water-logged soil from poor drainage, and runoff from gutters and downspouts
- Pressure from nearby tree roots
- Expanding and contracting soil that pushes and pulls foundation walls

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