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With our hot summers in New Orleans, Louisiana, cracking in foundation walls and floors is actually quite common – especially for homes that were built 10+ years ago.

Small hairline cracks, in most cases, aren’t any cause for alarm. These types of minor cracks are usually caused by the natural process of concrete curing.

Larger cracking in your walls or foundation are much more cause for concern though. They are usually a result of foundation settlement and nearby soils contracting and expanding against your basement walls. Cracks caused by settling and soil mostly run vertical or horizontal and diagonal (think stair step cracks between blocks or bricks).

Significant cracking should be repaired by a licensed, insured, and certified foundation technician in order to stabilize your structure and prevent further damage from happening.

Our foundation professionals in New Orleans will deliver long-term, warrantied help that fully takes care of your cracks and protects your foundation for years to come. Our estimates are 100% free and accurate, and come with a detailed repair plan if needed.

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Basement and crawl space services

Our repair service options include:

- Foundation piers for settling. Settling is when the soil under your home is loose and cannot continue to support your foundation. Piers stop the foundation from sinking.
- Wall anchoring. Stabilizing the foundation protects it from protruding roots from nearby trees and expanding soils due to freezing and thawing.
- Repairs for minor cracks. This includes hydraulic cement, caulk, mortar, epoxy injections, and polyurethane polymer sealing. We always try to fill cracks from the interior to avoid costly exterior excavation.

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A cracked or leaning foundation in your home can actually be dangerous to you & your family. If you are in a commercial building with a faulty foundation, it can become a hazardous situation. Water often leaks through cracks into the basements, causing moisture damage and even minor flooding.

Having a basement and masonry specialist repair cracking can help maintain the structural integrity of your house or building. It will also prevent future issues and likely save you money in the long run if you take care of the issue promptly.

Although not usually a cause for concern, we advise monitoring smaller cracks routinely to ensure they don’t grow into larger structural issues or giant cracks in your foundation.

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