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An unstable or faulty foundation is an issue that should be taken seriously and dealt with promptly. If you’re worried about the costs to inspect a foundation, basement, or crawl space, don’t fret. At New Orleans Home Elevation, we can give you a 100% free evaluation and estimate with no obligation to residential and commercial customers throughout the New Orleans area.

An extremely faulty foundation that is failing can be expensive to repair, not to mention dangerous to your family or workspace. It is also devastating to the structure if not taken care of in a reasonable time period by a certified & insured foundation technician.

Free foundation and house lifting inspections give you peace of mind as a homeowner. Best of all, you’re not required to pay a large sum of money to a professional if there are no significant structural problems that need to be taken care of.

Foundation issues are often obvious even to the untrained eye, most notably significant cracking or bowing. Yet, other problems can be much less obvious. If you think that your foundation may be hazardous or unstable, there is zero risk in scheduling a free inspection with one of our foundation contractors in New Orleans, LA.

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What's included?

We will thoroughly examine your interior walls, exterior walls, and floors. We look for signs of sagging and sinking, window and wall cracks, bowing and leaning, as well as soil and grading issues outside that may be putting dangerous pressure on your foundation.

Post Inspection Report

In our post-inspection report, we present the problem in detail (if one happens to exist) and we will offer proven solutions so that you can make an informed decision according to the issue and your means. With the report, we also provide an accurate estimate for the cost of the repair along with a detailed plan of action and rough timeline.

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Our technicians are trained to be empathetic to your situation and treat you with respect & with a face you can trust.

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