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Due to their massive weight, houses, buildings and other structures sink into the soil below gradually over time. This type of settling is a result of climate and soil conditions.

Much like small, non-threatening cracks in concrete walls, a small amount of foundation sinking is to be expected – especially for homes that were recently built.

A stable home foundation is mostly supported by strong soil and dirt underneath the structure. If the soil happens to fail at holding the basement base and walls, many unnatural problems can happen as a result.

Large wall cracking, leaning, and sagging upper-level floors are some of the more noticeable symptoms of a sinking foundation. It is vital to note, however, that structural problems don’t often occur quickly after a new home is constructed. As such, a homeowner can go week, months and even years without noticing issues that may have started months or years ago.

Being that your home is usually the biggest investment families make, it’s essential that the foundation is 100% stable and provides support to the rest of the structure. Proactively addressing faulty or unstable basements and concrete slabs can increase the life of your home or work space while also providing permanent, warrantied stabilization.

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Signs of a sinking foundation

As a homeowner, it’s generally not in your routine to examine the walls and floors of your homes foundation for cracking, bowing, leaning, heaving, bulging, leaks, settling, sinking, and other structural issues.

However, we do suggest monitoring your foundation on a monthly basis and looking closely for the following signs that your foundation or concrete slab might be failing:

- Emerging and growing cracks
- Cracks above windows

- Stair step cracks or 45-degree angle cracking
- Sticking and jammed doors and windows
- Drywall cracking
- Horizontal cracks (sign of pressure from soil)

Sinking and settling is typically caused by soil movement. Hot and dry conditions cause soil to shrink while excessive moisture causes expansion.

Insured structure stabilization services

Foundation repair and stabilization can be necessary if it’s been determined that after a thorough examination your home has sunk, settled or shifted in its soil.

Plenty of things can result in a faulty or sinking basement. We will determine the root of the issue during our evaluation and deliver a detailed plan that addresses the specific problem.

Depending on the cause of sinking, we provide the following warrantied foundation leveling services:
- Structural shoring
- Steel push piers that extend to stronger soil for greater support
- Helical piers
- Plate anchors
- Hydraulic slab lift pier
- High pressure grout injection
- Foundation brackets

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