Structural Shoring Service in New Orleans, LA

Professional shoring for home elevation and leveling work

During the process of elevating a home above potential flood waters, shoring supports it as work is completed. Shoring techniques may also be used to temporarily support buildings, vessels, and any other structure that may have the potential to collapse during alteration or repair work.

Shoring may also be referred to as propping up. No matter what you call it, our New Orleans Home Elevation contractors take advantage of the procedure often when we are raising and leveling homes in Louisiana.

With shoring, timber and/or metal pipes and plates may be used to hold up a house after it is separated from its foundation or slab. While shoring is primarily vertical in nature, it can also be angled or horizontal.

Home elevation and shoring are needed when a homeowner wants to lift their home living space above flood levels. During this process, the house and lifted and supported with shoring, and a new foundation is built or the existing one is expanded upward.

Likewise, shoring can be used during house leveling projects. As foundations and slabs settle and sink and become in danger of collapse, permanent shoring may be needed to lift and strengthen the structure where it is sagging.

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Given that we live eight feet below sea level in New Orleans, we understand that you have many options when it comes to hiring a foundation shoring and home elevation company in the Big Easy.

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We are industry experts: While some of our competitors may offer a wide range of construction services, we specialize in structural elevation, repairs, and shoring. You can be assured the job will be done right with our team.

We are fully licensed and insured: Want peace of mind? Our contractors are certified, trained, and insured in all facets of shoring and foundation work. Not only are you covered financially, but we also promise safety throughout the project.

We offer transparent pricing: What we quote at the start is what you pay at the end. We’ll never hit you with hidden fees when the final bill is due. Not only that, our rates are reasonable and can be modified to fit most budgets.

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